T.A.G. Labs

Years Active: 2015 - 2019


Prior to starting TAG I co-founded Popuparcadedc. During that tenure I was introduced to Terrence and T.A.G. Labs where we started collaborating by producing a gaming event series called the Good of Gaming. Shortly after that I joined the team and started working as an instructor and helping organize the classes.

Interfaced with school administrators, organization executives, convention executives and other partners to sell program and establish partnerships. Established social media and content creation strategies.

For our Afterschool programs I worked with instructors on classroom prep, equipment management and communication with community partners. Helped create curriculum items for various afterschool programs and workshops.

Participated in various PR events such as Caribbean Technology Education. During CTEC, I hosted a talk on the good of gaming, hosted two workshops on how to use game design in education. Hosted panels for Escape Velocity 2016 and 2018 speaking on the Good of Gaming and how to become a video game developer.

Lead development and redesign of taglabs.org. Started development of online E-learning platform. 

  • May 2015 - December 2015 Partner
  • December 2015 - June 2016 Instructor
  • June 2016 - 2019 President



  • Grew the overall team and board
  • Grew overall organization from 1-2 to 8 afterschool programs
  • Started TAG Arcade a fundraising venture for the org
  • Started new program to hire instructors from college to lead the middle school afterschool programs
  • Created new pipeline for developing curriculum using new and emerging technology
  • Created new high school program with IDEA PCS
  • Established new partnerships with Conventions such as Creator Con, Awesome Con, Blerdcon and Escape Velocity

Magfest 2016

Created a presence in the console area. The presence included about 10 setups with PS4 and Xbox One.

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Technoir 2016

Created a gaming lounge featuring retro games.

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PG County Library

We partnered with Bowie Public Library branch where we hosted multiple game development workshops. I served as a curriculum developer and event manager.

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PG Parks and Rec STEAM Festival

Developed relationship with Prince Georges County Parks and Recreation by providing a presence at the STEM Festival. We provided a gaming lounge for the youth and parents. I also provided a lightening talk speaking on my experience with with technology and how kids can get into it.

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PG Parks and Rec Insomnia PG Event

Hosted an all night gaming event for Teens and Pre-teens at the PG County rec center

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Events DC Collaborations

Engaged with Events DC on a variety of fronts

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IDEA Public Charter School

Worked with IDEA PCS first by hosting a STEAM Festival and grew that opportunity into afterschool programming, workshops and gaming events

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Creator Con

Hosted Gaming arcade and game development workshop.

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Escape Velocity

Created partnership with Escape Velocity to host two panels and created a game development booth.

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During Blerdcon, we provided a console arcade area where we provided over 10 setups including PS4, Xbox and Switch.

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Caribbean Tech Conference 2016

Participated in Caribbean tech conference in St. Maarten.

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Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

I developed an extensive partnership with Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy where we engaged them with afterschool programs, weekend workshops, summer programs and gaming events.

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Best Kids

We created an engagement with Best Kids where we hosted weekend workshops and various gaming events.

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ColorCoded Workshop Game Day

We partnered with Colorcoded to provide a game development workshop for members to learn Unity game engine

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Good of Gaming Upward Bound

Provided a day long game development and gaming arcade.

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Good of Gaming Microsoft Store Event

Students from Afterschool All Stars meet a game developer.

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Afterschool All Stars

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Technoir 2.0

PADC provided the gaming setups for Technoir 2.0

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Awesome Con

Created relationship with Awesome Con Organizers

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